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What if I don't like it? Don't worry. Exchange or return your piece up to 30 days after dispatch.


Unique number: P04, P05.

What it is: Hand knitted scarf.

When made: April 2020.

Tell me about it: One of the first ever scarf tests. It's the exact same yarn as our mainline range, but the red is less bright. It's a maroon-like red. We chose a brighter, bloodier red for the final piece. Knitted in England in the same way, and by the same team as mainline AWR. This scarf is about 20% lighter in physical weight than our same sized mainline scarves.

Worn: Once, for website imagery.

Condition: Perfect.

Length: 250cm (8 ft 2 inches).

Quantity made: 2.

Care Kit included?: Yes.

  • Hand knitted from almost 1kg of 100% Italian Merino wool.
  • Twisted yarn for softness and durability.
  • Individually numbered by hand.
  • Woven Limited Edition Erica Akerlund label.
  • Embroidered Limited Edition AWR logo badge.

Designed and made in England by Always Wear Red. Only available at this website.

Is my scarf available right now?

We will be hand labelling this scarf for mid-November 2020 dispatch.

A named Customer Care team member will contact you within 2 -3 days of you purchasing this scarf, to let you know what's happening when.

"I want to change people. I want people - hugged by our hand knits - to take more downtime. Because life's short. 1000 months. That's it. And 'you time' is not something to shoehorn into life. 'You time' is life."

Model: Lisa is 5'9".

How we made it
World class is the goal. And zero-waste. So we hand knit real slow in tiny batches of around 10 pieces. We only use Italian Sesia 100% Merino wool. Only Sesia has the sustainability and quality levels we want. Everything we do is an iconic design classic. Confidently simple. Designs born from the heart (and soul) of chilly Northern England. And only ever hand knitted - slow and heavy - in the UK. No two are exactly the same. And each piece is individually hand numbered in the order it is made. You'll love it even more as it ages and becomes yours. Because it's designed and made to wear in - not out.
Size and shape
AWR Jumpers are our own unique gender-neutral shape.

A SMALL jumper is a man's 40cm to 46cm chest (16 inches to 18 inches) and a woman's UK size 8 to 12.

A MEDIUM jumper is a man's 46cm to 50cm chest (18 inches to 20 inches) and a woman's UK size 12 to 14.

A LARGE jumper is a man's 50cm to 56cm chest (20 inches to 22 inches) and a woman's UK size 14 to 18.

So here's to sharing.

Scarves are 250cm (8 feet 2 inches) long and 30cm (12 inches) wide.

Half-scarves are 125cm (4 feet 1 inch) long and 30cm (12 inches) wide.

Huge and heavy. Jumpers weigh up to 3kg and scarves weigh up to 1.5kg. We are 'hand knits that hug you' - so everything is deliberately oversized. Sleeves, body and scarves are all bigger and longer than you'd expect.
Cool hand wash very rarely, if ever. 100% Merino is antimicrobial. Odours disappear. So no-washing saves you time, money - and the planet. Hand-wring lightly and dry flat if you do wash, using the eco-wash that we give you. Tightly knitted, twisted 100% Merino wool pills a little. When it does, comb your hand knit with the solid cedarwood fibre-comb that we also give you. It's calming. Like stroking a pet. And your natural fragrance bag, also bundled with your hand knit, will keep thing smelling lovely for months.
Nothing you own has a cooler label than this. We commissioned renowned Finnish artist Erica Akerlund with a one-word brief. 'OFFNESS'. Erica has worked for some of the biggest and best known brands in the world. And Erica's unpredictably and brilliantly bonkers brain has imagined and illustrated a wonderfully weird 'world on pause'. A world of unique people doing unique things with their downtime. Then we wove our Limited Edition label from Erica's artwork.
Order times, and your personal Customer Care team member
If what you want is IN STOCK (if you can ADD TO BAG - it's IN STOCK), we'll get your hand knit to you in under 10 working days, anywhere in the world. If it's PRE-ORDER, the PRE-ORDER button will tell you how many weeks your order will take. Whether your order is IN STOCK or PRE-ORDER, a named Customer Care team member will immediately be allocated to you. That one team member is your personal contact, available to help you with sizing, ordering, pricing, Klarna, delivery, aftercare, returns - anything. And if what you are buying is for a gift, your named Customer Care team member will look after both the gifter and the giftee.

We get IN STOCK hand knits to you in 10 working days, globally.

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A named Customer Care team member will immediately be allocated to you.

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You don't have to wash your Always Wear Red jumper or scarf. Not ever.

But if you insist, wash it cool. Use the eco-wash we give you. Then hand wring very lightly and dry flat.

Here's some professional advice on how to spot clean 100% Pure Merino wool, too (coming soon).
Comb your hand knit with your cedarwood fibre-comb. It's calming. Like stroking a pet.

Heavy, tightly knitted, twisted 100% Merino wool pills only slightly. But when it does - you're ready. Because bundled with every hand knit order is a solid cedarwood double-edged 'no-snag' fibre-comb.
You get a lovely smelling fragrance bag with every item. But a little airing helps, too.

Lay your hand knit out once in a while. Smooth it out flat on a freshly changed bed. Odours fade away. A steamy bathroom helps plump the fibres from time to time as well. And that's pretty much all you need to do.
Over the years, you might need to repair your AWR hand knit. If you ever do, call us.

We want your Always Wear Red to belong firmly in the 10% of your wardrobe that you actually wear. So if it ever needs repairing, call us. We'll recommend what to do.