50 Limited Edition Hand Knits.

And We'll Never Make More.

Life’s short.

So we made things that, when worn, slow you down. Calm you. Reminding you to take more downtime. To spend time with those who matter most. Doing what matters most.

Always Wear Red is hand knits that hug you. Self-care you wear. For your downtime. Because downtime isn’t something to squeeze into this tiny, 1000-month life of ours.

Downtime is life.

Founded by Mychael Owen and Lisa Owen, Always Wear Red was born on Valentine’s Day 2016. The project ended on Valentine’s Day 2023.

We hand knitted 20 jumpers and 30 scarves, slowly, here in England and Scotland. Heavy. Gender neutral. No two the same. One size. One ingredient. Two colours. Zero waste. All allocated. And we’ll never make more.

Thank you to everybody that invested in one of our 50 pieces. Here you all are.

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